Electronic Forms

When the teaching activity involves using animals (not just observing animals on the farm) as a part of the course whether the activity takes place at MSU or at a private farm/facility an AUF is required for the course. If there are procedures performed on an animal and the procedures are covered in an IACUC approved SOP or in the MSU farm’s Veterinary Medical Guidelines you can list the procedure in the AUF and reference the appropriate document. Make sure you are listing what is actually described in the document. Do not assume that it is in the document. If the procedure being performed on an animal is not covered in these documents then you must describe the procedure in your AUF with enough detail that an outside reviewer (possibly with a different species background) can understand what is being done to the animal.

Current forms can be found at: http://animalcare.msu.edu/AUF.

You would then go to http://Web2.msue.msu.edu/AnimalUse, login with your MSU Net ID and create a new project.