Almudena Veiga-Lopez

Assistant Professor

Almudena Veiga-Lopez
1230F Anthony Hall

Phone: 517-432-7084

Developmental Programming Lab

Department of Animal Sciences
Office: 1230F Anthony Hall
Lab: B212 Anthony Hall
474 S. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone (office):  517-432-7084
Phone (lab):  517-432-7066
Fax:  517-353-1699

BS, Cervantes Institute, Spain
DVM, Complutense University, Spain

PhD, National Institute of Agricultural Research, Spain
Postdoc, University of Michigan

80% Research, 15% Teaching, 5% Service

Research Interests:

Our laboratory focuses on understanding the fetal origins of adult reproductive and metabolic disorders. The lab is interested how environmental exposures (endocrine disruptors) during prenatal life can induce adaptative mechanisms in the developing organism leading up to pathophysiological consequences during postnatal life. We use in vivo approaches to characterize the pathophysiological outcomes and in vitro approaches (cellular and molecular) to understand the mechanisms and pathways by which the pathological outcomes occur.

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