Kai Wang

Assistant Professor

Kai Wang
B215 Anthony Hall

Phone: (517) 432-4449




  • BS, Northeast Agriculture University, Harbin
  • MS, Northeast Agriculture University, Harbin
  • PhD, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai
  • Post-doc, Temple University, Philadelphia
  • Post-doc, Michigan State University, East Lansing



Key Words: Women health, Epigenetics, and Stem Cell Biology

Placenta mediates the cross-talk between material and fetus during pregnancy.  The research objective in my laboratory is toward to understand the molecular mechanism of placenta function and development in physiology and pathological placentation. The model systems we are using include the human stem/progenitor cells and mouse preimplantation embryo and trophoblast stem (ES) cells.  Currently, we are investigating the function of chromatin remodeling complex NuRD, in the trophoblast- centered diseases. We are utilizing a number of molecular techniques including RNA interference (RNAi), genome editing and genomics analysis to understand human trophoblast proliferation, fusion and invasion. The results of our studies will deepen the knowledge about the epigenetic regulation in placenta biology and could provide the therapeutic targets for the trophoblast-centered diseases of pregnancy.


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