Animal Behavior & Welfare

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Animal Behavior and Welfare Group

The Animal Behavior and Welfare Group (ABWG) at Michigan State University (MSU) examines the impact of housing and management practices on the quality of life for animals and works to provide a scientific foundation for animal welfare standards.


The mission of the ABWG is to scientifically study the impact management and environment have on animal behavior and animal welfare.


The goals of the MSU ABWG are to discover solutions to practical problems facing animal-related industries and assist industries with implementing these solutions in socially responsible and sustainable ways.


Complementing the MSU ABWG research mission, graduate and undergraduate students complete courses in the science of animal behavior and welfare.  Coursework is taught in the classroom, on the farm and online to actively engage students in the learning process.

The ABWG also provides practical experiences for students. Through the Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest, students assess animal welfare in a friendly yet competitive environment. Through independent study or sponsored undergraduate research, students can develop and carry out their own research projects area of animal welfare and behavior.

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