Reproductive & Developmental Sciences


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Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Training Program (RDSP)

Research Areas

  • Reproductive and health effects on mink of environmentally derived chemical contaminants from specific areas of concern.
  • Exposure and health effects of environmental chemicals in mammalian species, with a focus on developmental and reproductive toxicity.
  • Nuclear transfer, cloning.
  • Primate embryonic stem cells.
  • Physiological role hormones, growth factors and cytokines have in regulation of selection, growth, and function of dominant follicles in cattle.
  • Use of molecular technology (DNA array, real-time PCR) to identify new genes potentially involved in aging-induced alterations in selection, growth, differentiation and function of dominant follicles.
  • Fundamental mechanisms that regulate ovarian function in farm animals and the physiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms involved in regulation of the stress response.