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Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program (RDSP)

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Training Program (RDSTP)

Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle

Research Areas

  • Molecular mechanisms that regulate early mammalian embryogenesis, and how disruptions in early developmental events can lead to disease later in life.
  • Reproductive and health effects on mink of environmentally derived chemical contaminants from specific areas of concern.
  • Exposure and health effects of environmental chemicals in mammalian species, with a focus on developmental and reproductive toxicology.
  • Nuclear transfer, cloning.
  • Primate embryonic stem cells.
  • Physiological role hormones, growth factors and cytokines have in regulation of selection, growth, and function of dominant follicles in cattle.
  • Use of molecular technology (DNA array, real-time PCR) to identify new genes potentially involved in aging-induced alterations in selection, growth, differentiation and function of dominant follicles.
  • Fundamental mechanisms that regulate ovarian function in farm animals and the physiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms involved in regulation of the stress response.

mouse ovulated oocyte showing detection of spindle proteins

Figure: mouse ovulated oocyte showing detection of spindle proteins