Spartan Chariot

Beginning in 2001, Dr. Nielsen served as the charioteer for Michigan State University. His job involved driving “Go Green” and “Go White”, two Andalusian horses purchased from Spain in April 2001 by the College of Veterinary Medicine, around the field in Spartan Stadium before the beginning of each home football game. The chariot he drove was designed and built by students in the College of Engineering. However, in 2002, with the addition of natural grass to the stadium, a new light-weight chariot was obtained. However, the chariot was restricted to leading the Spartan Marching Band to the stadium before the game and making other guest appearances. Future plans for the chariot are still undecided.

Links to More Information on the Chariot:

Green and White with the new chariot.
Running in the stadium during a football game.
Drs. Brian Nielsen and Russ Erickson at the opening of Trowbridge Rd on campus.
Go White and Go Green
Practicing in the chariot at the horse farm
Go White working at the farm
Go White at the horse farm
Go White in the crossties