Matt Zwiernik

Assistant Professor, Environmental Toxicology

Matt Zwiernik
3270D Anthony Hall

Phone: (517) 353-9518



BS, Michigan State University, 1989, biology and biochemistry
PhD, Michigan State University, environmental toxicology

Current Positions

Assistant professor of Animal Science in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Assistant professor at the National Food Safety and Toxicology Center in the College of Veterinary Medicine
Adjunct assistant professor of Zoology in the College of Natural Science
Project Leader

Research Interests

Environmental toxicology, both screening level and baseline ecological risk assessment approaches including the identification of contaminants and receptors of concern, site-specific data collection and analysis, derivation of toxicity reference values, risk characterization, and development of risk based clean up levels. Specializations include investigations utilizing top avian species including the great horned owl, osprey, bald eagle, great blue heron, kingfisher, wood duck, tree swallow, house wren, eastern bluebird and American robin. Additional expertise includes applied environmental microbiology, identification and evaluation of intrinsic bioremediation, fate and transport modeling, geochemical and biogeochemical processes and molecular biology.